what is the Top Sites That Will Boost Your Traffic Instantly?

Top Sites That Will Boost Your Traffic Instantly

Every blogger or website owner will tell anyone that traffic is the key to making money. How to get that traffic can be told a hundred different ways till Sunday and there is not just one way or site that will guarantee traffic.  Some sites make empty promises that certain software will boost your traffic or go viral; word to the wise never use these, they will oust your long efforts with ranking in the search engines.  That is the key thing about boosting traffic; it can go viral and the only way to do that is organically.  Good solid content that gives a reader something is another back bone to utilizing certain social media sites and in return boosting your traffic with real people.

Top Sites That Will Boost Your Traffic Instantly

Stumble Upon

This site can give your site between 20 to 150 views when you first post the link there.  The trick is to use popular keywords that pertain to your link as well as a popular topic on the site.  The millions of people who use this site as a porthole for information will search there first before heading out to the main search engines.  However, this being a social site it is necessary to engage with others there a little to ensure you are not a spam site and to gain creditability.


This site is mainly a visual or image sharing site; however since it has gotten so much buzz the readers who post there are getting hundreds of views back to the original site.  The copyright rules are still unclear, but try to post your own photos, stocks, or with the permission of the person who created the image.  Next, list your likes or interests along with a great introduction to your site with a link.  Since this site is the next hot thing, the link there will boost your rank on Google.

Red Gage

This site lets you post pictures, articles and your latest blogs and at the same time you are earning from the original source you can earn here as well, double bonus. The site is easy to join and uploading your material is pretty straight forward.  The secret to gaining traffic here is the interaction with the other users.  Also give your friends some incentive to follow you to your other sites.  The best way to do this is to explain in your profile how you make money and these sites are worth checking out then list your personal sites.  The key or trick here is to really be a presence there, just don’t post and leave.  Commenting and writing for the site will increase your other traffic and earnings on the actual site.

Again, in order to see any kind of boost in traffic from a social site; it is important to be active among the sites you use to share your other data.